Why a midlife reset?

My 20’s and 30’s are a blur of babies and growing children.  All the responsibilities that follow these momentous occasions.  The raising a child phase is intense and all encompassing.

The year 2021 saw the last of our five children spread their wings.  The house felt like an empty place.  Col and I were lost.  Unsure who we were without the children.  Fast forward 12 months and many tears we’ve made some steps towards enjoying this phase of our life.  The quest continues.

The say ‘midlife’ is the period from 45 to 60.  Apparently, it’s the time when people experience a ‘midlife crisis.’  Where they challenge everything about their identity and self-confidence.  I don’t believe we are having a midlife crisis.  We are not in crisis we are having a ‘reset’ – resetting how we do life and it’s fun!

Step 1 – get a dog! Coco is so much more than a dog.  The kidults say she’s our favourite child.  They may be right.  She’s excited when we get home and to her we can do nothing wrong.

Step 2 – get a hobby.  Enter the VB Commodore.  We probably should have got a cheaper hobby but bit by bit she is on her way back to glory.  We’ve event taken the extra step and helped start a new car club in our area.  More than that in future posts.

Step 3 – buy a caravan.  Yes we’ve started getting ready for our grey nomad stage. Col is a little closer than me.  Starting small we picked up a 90 series Jayco.  She’s great.  She doesn’t leak and she has character.  Keep your eyes peeled for our caravan adventures.  Something always goes wrong!  It’s all part of the adventure!

We hope you enjoy our journey.

And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years. Abraham Lincoln

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