Country boy in the big smoke.

One of our boys moved over 14 hours away this year. We haven’t been in the presence of his sparkling personality for 6 months but on Saturday 5th November we flew to check out his new home.

Booked possibly the dodgiest hotel ever and hardly slept a wink. The pillow was like a pancake. Absolutely no support and a little suspect as to its age and origin. They say first impressions matter. Well this one had us wanting to run for the hills but we toughed it out. Our room resembled a movie set. Complete with a dusty mezzanine where someone had thrown a jacket!!! Luckily nothing more sinister was lurking up there.

Son number four was with us and scouted out a 1 star pub to check out. Turns out the pub was named after us – Banksia Hotel!! Turns out there were quite a few places in the area names after members of our family. Back to them hotel when I wasn’t sure the sheets had actually been washed so we slept on top of the bed. Well slept is probably a little bit of an over exaggeration.

Early morning (before the sun was up) and road rage from Colin on the way to the airport. Col has a firm belief that he is the best driver there is and everyone else can’t drive. Cars bumper to bumper is like waving a red flag at a bull. Lots of huffing and puffing but we found our park and terminal.

The country boy, Col really came into this own at this point. Eyes the size of saucers and random comments to please. Sometimes he says them a little loud and I worry we are going to get bashed!!

The barista was singing in the food court. Badly. He stopped suddenly. May have been one of Col’s loud comments about him being ‘as slow as a wet week.’ We should know how slow they are. It’s been raining non stop for months. the coffee was spot on though and the flight was smooth. The airline managed to sit us all in separate rows. A shame really because it’s great watching the awe in Col’s face when he experiences things other people take for granted.

After we landed in Brisbane I asked Col what he thought of the flight. He loves the take off. Reminds him of accelerating in the VB Commodore. On the flight back I found him an app that shows the current speed you are doing. The highest it registered was 835km a hour. Definitely faster than the VB.

Found our boy and his partner standing in the lovely sun at Brisbane airport. Had a fantastic weekend. More to come…..

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