Surgery in COVID times …..

Today is the day Col has his surgery.  On Friday support people were allowed to attend but over the weekend COVID cases have soared (in Metropolitan areas) and they changed the rules.  I took some time off work today to take him and drop him off.  Make sure he was settled and that I was confident they knew what they were doing.  I know I should be but when he had his back surgery, they were not competent.  They didn’t follow the specialist’s post-surgery instructions and when I visited the next day he hadn’t been even checked on through the night.

Today’s surgery is relatively simple compared to the back surgery Col had 3 years ago but any surgery makes your loved ones worry.  I understand our health workers are under immense pressure but there is no need to be rude.  We greeted the nurse nicely with a big smile and a hello how are you.  Her response was simply you go through, and you need to say goodbye and go.  Thank you darling for alleviating my anxiety at my husband having to undergo surgery.

Healthcare professionals have had to deal with traumatic and complex situations over the two years.  We understand that.  But COVID seems to have destroyed any form of compassion.

What are the qualities of a good nurse?  I know some.  I’m friends with some and work with the educators who train them.  Compassion, empathy, emotional intelligence, and communication skills just to name a few.  None on show today.  I only hope that once Col made his way to the surgical admissions area, they at least found some for the patients.

So now I am back at work and waiting for the phone call to say he has come through the operation well.  It could be hours because he has difficulty waking after an anaesthetic.  Waiting…..

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