Babysitting Lilith

I’ve decided that babysitting an over enthusiastic 11-month-old German Shepherd is harder than a toddler.  Our beautiful Coco who is 20 months old now is starting to settle down and not be as reactive.  She was never like Lilith.  Our boy is away for work trips, so we have been tasked with looking after Lilith while he is away.

Lilith mean Mother of Demons.  I told him perhaps he should have called her Destructor!!  She is slightly bigger than Coco even though she is younger and has no concept of herself!!  She is a bulldozer and likes to be first to everything.  She barks more than Coco does and never sits still.

Yesterday while working from home, I heard all this barking and then an enormous crash.  Somehow she had managed to rip the blind off the wall.  It’s a 2.5 metre blind and I walked out from the office to find it fully extended and wrapped around the lounge.  It was heavy and awkward, but I managed to get it rolled back up and left it on the ground.  Texted one of the other boys to come around and help me get it back on the window.  Didn’t really want to be home alone and no privacy!

I must admit I got a little cranky with Lilith.  I just said ‘NO’ very loudly and let her know by my body language I was unhappy.  The sad thing was Coco went and put herself in the naughty corner because she thought she had done something wrong.  Got about an hour of peace and quiet out of this little episode.

Son number four came around to re-install the blind, but I had to go to Bunnings to purchase a new part.  Needless to say, when left to my own devices I broke it even further so it’s now wound fully down and won’t be going back up until I can work out how to fix it!

She’s a beautiful dog.  Full of life and love for humans but if she doesn’t know you and you come near her house she will bark!  Exactly what you want! Except when you are trying to sleep or in Col’s case recover from surgery.

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