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Week One Success Becomes Week Two Anxiety

Do you experience weight loss anxiety?  I try hard to accept my body for what it is but sometimes that is just virtually impossible and that little person on my shoulder takes over. 

I’ve been challenged by weight my entire adult life.  I’ve beaten the beast a couple of times but it’s like my body enjoys being a certain size.  I am always encouraging it to play the game and consider letting me wear a smaller size.  I very rarely win.

So, we are here again.  Watching our calories and exercising more.  It’s been a huge loss this week.  Four kilos to be exact.  Instead of celebrating this just makes me very nervous.  Anxious that it’s a one off and that anything I eat outside of the plan will put it back on. 

I set my goals for one kilo a week but after such a huge loss in the first week, and knowing my body, I am expecting something much smaller next week.  This generally leads to a huge blow out and I am constantly talking to myself to ensure I don’t let it get to me.

Monday was very stressful.  Col was in hospital for his operation, and I was working.  I ate all the right things (have ordered in food) and still did my 30 minutes of exercise.  I must say I am really enjoying the variety provided by the Apple Fitness+ routines.  I was way inside my calories but on the way home I did it.  I purchased a treat.  Two days after purchasing and eating that treat, I find myself experiencing that anxiety again.  Will that treat ruin my weight loss this week?

How do you talk yourself out of this thinking?  Do you have any suggestions you can share with me?

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