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Bang. Crash. Fixed.

This was definitely not the case on Monday!  But fast forward to Wednesday night and Lilith redeemed herself.  Lilith is visiting.  She’s still learning the ways of this house and Monday she was a little bit over enthusiastic when barking at another dog walking past.  The blind fell. The two and a half metre black out blind fell off the wall.  Bang! Crash! Broken!  Since the nervous breakdown of 2019 I try very hard not to let anything upset me and am getting extremely good at letting things go.  I may have cried (especially when I locked myself out of the house afterwards) but I just rolled the blind up and calmly messaged my son to come and help me put it back on the wall.  The blind needed expert attention, so we asked the man who installed it for a repair.  All Fixed!  Blind working, everyone happy.

Fast forward to Wednesday night.  Nothing broken in between.  She’s been doing extremely well.  Her ball went under the chair in the loungeroom.  During the retrieval process she knocked the WiFi booster off its shelf, and it fell to the ground.  I didn’t react.  The silly thing has cost me 10 hours on assistance chat with my provider and still wasn’t working.  I laughed.  I was taking it back to the shop and telling them it was rubbish.  I let it lay there and hoped it would suffer!

Later last night when I was trying to go to sleep there was a dull light shining through the house.  I thought Col had left a little light on so went to turn it off.  Can you imagine my complete and utter disbelief when I discovered the booster was working!!  Lilith had fixed the booster.  All it needed was a good bang on the ground.

So, Lilith has redeemed herself and the WiFi has never been better!! Hard to be mad with her! She barks at everything that moves and is so excited by life. She give good cuddles!

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