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Staying motivated!

Last night I had a serious sugar craving.  I just wanted something sweet.  My normal go to is some peppermint chocolate.  It’s been my favourite since I was a child.  I craved Mint Patties during my first pregnancy and whenever I get a migraine, I use it as a supplement to my medication.

I have committed to this weight loss journey 100%.  No sweet treats and especially not peppermint chocolate ones.  So how do you remain motivated?  What strategies do you use to keep focused on the end goal?

I was reading a few things last night on motivation for weight loss.  There are some real gems.  One of those items I discovered was rewarding yourself with something that isn’t food.  I must admit that one of my go-to rewards is generally something yummy!  It’s also something I go to when I am feeling down and anxious.  So, to change this narrative is going to take some time.

How to motivate yourself in the moments of weakness is what I was wanting to find tips for the most.  I find walking past the mirror and glancing at myself to be one of the most motivational things I can do in those moments when I just want to reach for something I know I shouldn’t eat.  It helps me re-associate myself with the weight loss goal and the desire to like what I see in the mirror.

I also really love the quote by Jenna Wolfe – “You didn’t gain all your weight in one day; you won’t lose it in one day. Be patient with yourself.”  It’s true and something to hold onto.  While I would love to be thinner next time I open my eyes I need to remember that is unrealistic.  Small steps on the way to a big goal!!

I’m drinking more water and committing to daily exercise.  I’ve been wearing a smart watch for quite some time now but have never really focused on the benefits they offer.  So, I have been serious about the goals I wish to achieve and so far, so good. I’ve managed to meet the exercise goals I have set for two weeks. Those little rings on my watch can be very motivating!

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