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Beating the ‘blah’ feeling

Do you ever wake up just feeling blah!  I know it’s not a technical term but it descriptive and most people know what you mean when you say I just feel blah.  I’m not sure why.  I had a loss this morning in the battle with my weight.  I should be happy, but I just feel blah.

What does blah mean to you?  To me it means a feeling of boredom, lethargy, or general dissatisfaction.  Things aren’t quite how you hoped they would be.  The weather is cold when it should be starting to warm up, it’s always raining and our area is experiencing flooding, plus Col is still recovering from surgery and we have had to decline several events.  Our caravan sits lonely in the carport waiting for us to take it out again but until Col is better and the rains clear. She whispers to me every morning.

Yesterday was one of those sit around and watch television days.  I don’t really enjoy those days.  I would prefer to be doing something no matter how small.  We spent about half an hour at the car show, but the weather wasn’t fantastic and had to get Col home.  Don’t want him to get sick and ruin his recovery.

Ray Lewis once said “Because every day is a new day.  Every moment is a new moment.  Now you’ve got to go out and show them that you’re a new creature.”

So, I’m going to kick this ‘blah’ day to the curb.  I’m going to shake off the sad and move forward with today. I have a few go to things to do when I accept, I’m in a ‘blah’ mood and it’s time to drag myself out of it.

Tip 1 – Talk it out with someone.  Today I caught up with a work friend.  We chatted about work, and we talked about feeling ‘blah’.  I gave myself this time to feel sorry for myself and then as they say, ‘a problem shared is a problem halved.’  Sometimes just sharing that you aren’t feeling fantastic is enough.

Tip 2 – Move your body – The alarm went off and I disagreed wholehearted with it.  It couldn’t be time to get up.  I just didn’t want to.  But get up I did.  I loaded up a Fitness+ 3o minute session and got moving.  I always resist exercise.  It’s who I am but I feel so much better afterwards.

Tip 3 – Acknowledge how you are feeling and then move on – I like to use mindfulness to help me achieve this.  Five minutes reconnecting with your breath can do wonders.  I have a couple of apps on my phone for times like this.  I discovered the Sanvello app during my breakdown and use it often to ground myself.  They have free content as well as paid

Tip 4 – Play some music – play something uplifting as loud as is appropriate for your situation.  Move a little and sing along!

If nothing seems to be working don’t be afraid to reach out to an expert.  There are so many support platforms out there now.

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