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How much is that car part?

How much is that car part?

It’s about time I did a post about our VB Commodore.  She is currently at the paint shop getting all pretty.  The old girl is nearly as old as me and hasn’t really had many improvements since 1978.  COVID threw a massive spanner in the works when Col found himself without a job.  We tried to sell the old girl with no luck.  I am a firm believer in things happening for a reason.  Sometimes it’s hard to see the reason but there is generally always one there.  So, we couldn’t sell her and now we find ourselves in the position where we can finally do some work to her.

What’s a VB Commodore you ask.  It’s the first Commodore produced in Australia.  She was built in 1978.  She is what we now call a classic car.  As with everything antique their value seems to be increasing with each passing day.  So, we have set about finding the parts we need and giving her a much-needed face lift.

What I can’t believe is the prices people are selling things for.  It is virtually impossible to find the little silver trim piece that runs along the bottom of the front light.  Only for the right-hand side.  We could pick up a left-hand side one relatively cheap.  After much searching, we found one.  I refuse to pay that sort of price for a tiny piece of car.  It’s highway robbery what they want for the right-hand side trim.  Everything else has been reasonably priced but this bit is ridiculous.  No right-hand light trim for the old girl unless we can find one on the cheap at a Swap Meet.

She’s getting a paint job this week. The paint is only slightly more expensive than that part!!  This is her when we dropped her off.  Updated picture to come once she’s been painted and had all her pretty bits put back on.

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