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Lacking self confidence.

I hate having my picture taken. I am so self conscious about my weight and how it appears in pictures. I have been working really hard on this lately.

During my nervous breakdown one of the kids pointed out to me that I’m not in very many photos. I always took pictures of them by themselves or included Col in the picture. Do you stand behind the camera rather than in front of it?

So two years ago I set myself a challenge. Make sure I take pictures with myself in them. One day the kids and grandkids will only have pictures. Ensure my footprint on life is recorded. My Mum laughs at me. Most of my pictures now are selfies with only half of my face in it. I’ll take hundreds of photos and delete all the ones I am in. So now I take one with half of my face.

I’ve spent some time researching how to make yourself look good in selfies. So here at the top tips I’ve found.

1. Hold the camera slightly above your eye level. This helps slim your face and if you turn your head in a 3/4 angle it’s also more flattering.

2. Get a tripod/selfie stick. I have an awesome one that has a blue tooth button, an extender stick and tripod legs.

3. Angle your body.

4. Check the background. You don’t want anything untoward in there.

5. Sometimes I take it using Snapchat so I can use a filter. There are lots of apps that will do this for you. Cheating I know but hey whatever makes you take the picture.

The most important thing to remember is the picture is for your memories. Just take it and revisit it often.

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