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Anxious date with a plane seat belt

Today I hopped on the plane nice and early for a work trip. It’s been three weeks since I was last on a plane and had to request an extender. I was nervous. I was anxious. I did not have to request the extender!!! I’ve lost five kilos in the last three weeks and while I don’t really feel it I have to be happy with that.

Anxious moment two of the trip. Meeting my work colleagues for the first time in person. Just like I hate having my photo taken I also am extremely self conscious and meeting new people is stressful. I’ve talked to this group of people almost every day of the last two years but meeting them face to face was hard. I stressed for no reason. They were all a lovely and I did not feel judged for one minute.

So now I’m checked into my motel and waiting for dinner. Faced two fears today and feeing pretty good!!

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