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Migraine Sufferer

I have been a migraine sufferer my whole life.  My earliest memory of a migraine was about 5 or 6.  They are debilitating and soul destroying at times.   I read somewhere that migraine is the second leading cause of disability worldwide.  Most doctors are not willing to help you as they don’t recognise it as a problem.  Trust me their reactions would be different if they experienced them.

Most people will ask you what your triggers are.  My standard response is “life”. Something I did or ate yesterday didn’t have any impact but today it will.  Today is a migraine day and to be honest I couldn’t possibly tell you what today’s trigger was.  I thought I slept well, ate well, wasn’t stressed, and drank enough water.  Two hours into my workday my old friend migraine decided today was the day.  One of my fellow team members called it before I did when she asked me if I was ok.  Said I didn’t look the best.

I spent the next hour trying everything possible to beat the dragon.  Ibuprofen, something to eat, something to drink, fresh air.  The only thing that would touch it today was sleep.  I am so lucky I have an understanding manager who was supportive of me taking some down time.  I still don’t feel fantastic, and the nap has only subdued the dragon for a bit not sent it away.  I am starting to fail again as I type.

Do you suffer migraines?

Do you find they impact on your life and how you plan your days?

Some days are just a complete write off. Today is one of those days.

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