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Weight loss surgery -Yes/No/Maybe

As a 16 year old aspiring dancer on a Scholarship to a prestigious Performing Arts School my dreams of being a dancer were well in their way. Then puberty hit and my body changed. It seems I wasn’t destined to be a professional dancer. My body was to be too big for that industry.

So I let that dream go and got to work on life. I have battled my weight since that time. I’ve lost weight then gained it. My diet hasn’t changed much but I am at the heaviest I’ve ever been. I’m over it. Sick of looking at myself in pictures and the mirror and wondering how I can achieve long term weight loss. Where I can go out to eat with my family and not put in weight. Be like other people who can treat themselves occasionally and not have to buy a bigger dress size.

My Aunty had the gastric sleeve and lost a heap of weight. I’ve had friends have success and other who initially had success but couldn’t maintain the strict eating requirements and put their weight back on.

So for two years I have been investigating the weight loss surgery option. Covid hit and I had other priorities but we are back around to the internal conversation again.

Have you had the surgery? Was it successful? Looking to find out other peoples experiences.

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