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Dance like no one is watching!

Last night we went to watch Guy Sebastian in concert. It was definitely one of the best concerts I’ve been too. He’s a fantastic performer, stunning voice and all around nice guy.

Now if you ask Col he doesn’t dance. But guess what …. Col got up and danced!! We had a chat before the concert about dancing. I told him dance can just be moving to the music. Feel the beat and just sway. It was nice to see the complete joy on his face.

I have always liked Guy as an artist but even I was surprised at how many of his songs I knew the words too. Music really is fantastic for the soul.

I’ve been struggling a bit emotionally this week. My weight is playing on my mind and the weight loss journey is not fast enough for me. Music really helps me shut down the negative thought and move on in my day.

Researchers have found music can help lower anxiety levels and help depression. I can definitely attest to that. I like to work with radio on in the background if possible.

So last night we both danced like no one was watching. I was watching Col and he was enjoying it!

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