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Putting the swimmers on!

Well this weekend I did it. I finally put some swimmers on in public and reconnected with a childhood love.

I used to swim competitively. It was one of my childhood loves but since my weight has gone up I generally watch from the sidelines. This weekend was our Car Clubs Christmas Party. Swimming at the pool. A high anxiety event for me.

Col helped me find some swimming shorts and a rawhide shirt that I felt comfortable in. No mean feat really because I don’t like to look at myself in the mirror and pretty much veto everything. But my nieces were coming and I didn’t want to be that Aunt who wouldn’t swim with me.

So I did it. I put the swimmers on and I went in for a swim. It was glorious! I loved every second of it. I’m not saying I did feel self conscious and anxious but for the first time in a very long time I just went and did it anyway.

I played games with the kids. Even did a summersault in the way and went on the giant slide. Had a great time. Trying not to look at the photos.

The moral to this story. Try not to let things that aren’t perfect ruin your enjoyment of life!!

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