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Finding that Christmas Spirit

I’m still struggling to find the excitement for Christmas this year. I just feel like I’m going through the motions.

Today I had the pleasure of spending the day with four of my children, their partners and my grandson. It’s his first Christmas. He’s only little but we were so excited when Santa stopped to give him lollies.

The local fire brigade are fantastic and drive through the town in Christmas Eve. One of them dresses as Santa and they hand out lollies to the children.

It was a lovely day. All my anxiety that something would go wrong were put to rest. We had a nice lunch and the weather was beautiful.

So, first Family Christmas event done and dusted. Still not necessarily feeling the Christmas spirit but it was a really nice day.

I decided not to worry about food for the weekend. Bad idea. I feel pretty ordinary. Will definitely need to return to my weight loss plan sooner rather than last.

Have a great Christmas everyone!!

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