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Weight loss at Christmas time

My family has been very supportive. They know I’m on this journey and they’ve made sure there were healthy options for me. They’ve even embraced my commitment too quitting Diet Coke and have made sure there were beverage options for me too.

I allowed myself a couple of items from the dessert tray and a piece of pavlova. It’s just not an Aussie Christmas without pavlova.

I haven’t weighed myself. I’m too nervous to. Even though I’ve been working hard on my food intake I still feel like my pants are a little tighter. I think my body is allergic to food. When I eat it I put on weight. Doesn’t matter what it is.

I’m still committed to my weight loss journey. I remember the feelings that prompted my previous post Extender seat belt prompts change.

So now I refocus my efforts. Get back on track. Not that I really got off track but it’s just a little harder to stay under calories when you aren’t in control of food preparation.

2 thoughts on “Weight loss at Christmas time

  1. I’ve prepared my food to have more control over what I eat, and now I’ve found that it’s impossible to eat out (or not my own food, at least) without feeling like I’m playing Russian roulette, lol. Anyway, here’s to you hitting your food goals, no matter what they are!


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