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Quieting that internal negative chatter

Today my brain is chattering a lot. I weighed myself this morning and the Christmas/Birthday week has gifted me 2 kilos (4.4 pounds). My inner voice is continually analysing what went wrong. I know most people wouldn’t bat an eye lid at a little bit of weight gain but I said no to so many things to not put on weight and I still did anyway.

I’m currently cleaning out the old garden shed so we can dismantle it and clean up the space. So far I’ve done at least 12 wheel barrow loads to the skip bin out the front. I am continually catching myself in negative thoughts. I recognise that I am passing judgement on myself but am struggling to switch off the chatter.

My brain is always busy. I’m always having internal dialogue with myself. My self esteem is at an all time low due to weight gain and I am struggling today. I’m having a break and thinking back on what I ate and did to cause this. I need to stop this negative dialogue or it’s going to ruin my day!

I’ve done some reading recently and have revisited some of it this morning. Here are some tips I’ve found. The challenge now is to implement them.

1. Become aware you are engaging in negative self talk. The suggestions are to take time out and reflect and to also consider writing a journal. I’m using todays post as a journal exercise.

2. Challenge your negative self talk. This is the step I’m struggling to love past today.

3. Start practicing positive self talk. Apart from my weight everything else is my life is good. I need to focus more on these things and change the chatter.

4. Talk to yourself the way you would speak to a loved one. How would I talk to them about their weight. To be honest I don’t really notice. I love them for who they are.

5. Talk it out with someone. Col is at work so my only option is Coco. She’s a great listener. Not so good with the advice though or that could be because I don’t speak dog. Maybe I need to message a friend.

6. Put this negative self thoughts away. In a virtual box or in an imaginary shelf.

7. Focus on now. Sometimes easier said than done. It may be time for a mindfulness exercise followed by some music.

What about you? Do you struggle with negative self talk. How do you push through and move forward?

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