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Anxious Moments

This week should be super exciting. We’ve decided to upgrade the caravan. We’ve purchased our retirement van. The one we hope to travel Australia in. No we aren’t ready for retirement but we figured it would be better to pay it off while we are still working full time.

The purchase of the van went smoothly. We applied for the finance, found the right van and we pick it up tomorrow. All the peripheral things have not gone smoothly. Our current cars aren’t suitable to tow the van so we decided to sell the Ute and purchase something cheap to get us out of trouble. The Ute should have gone on Tuesday but the buyer has mucked us around and we are now on Friday without a sale. We haven’t had any interest on the old van so will tomorrow we will have two caravans and two cars that won’t tow the new one.

Its been difficult for me the last couple of days. I am continually telling myself it will be okay. It will all work out in the end. Sometimes it difficult to see pat the current stress and to the future.

I’ve had to employ several strategies over the last few days and while I am still having some moments I am starting to feel better.

Strategy one – deep breathing exercises. I generally use the 5-5-5 approach. Breathe in for 5 seconds, hold for five seconds and breathe out for 5 seconds. I’ve also been focusing my breathe on the end game. Where we want to be.

Strategy two – focusing on the positives. We bought our dream van. All the other things that are going wrong pale in significance.

Strategy three – I’ve been spending time analysing all the disasters that have come before this one. It always works out. I keep thing myself that it always works out. What will be will be.

Two days of phone calls and stress about how we will pick up our caravan and today it all worked out. One of boys house mates is lending us his Ute for the day.

Pending….. a blog about the new van. Keep following!!!

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