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Many lives in one

Do you ever look at photos or memorabilia and think gee wizz I’ve had several lives already? They say the average adult will change their career a few times in their life. What about life direction. I’ve been doing a bit of reflecting and I can definitely see several different Rachel’s.

There Rachel as a child and adult. She was confident and enthusiastic about life. She loved to swim and dance.

Rachel in her late teens to early twenties. She was a young mother who became a victim of domestic violence and lost all her confidence. She managed to finish university and eventually escape that relationship. She’s strong but likes to hide herself away.

The Rachel in her mid/late twenties through to her 30s was busy becoming a Mum. She sacrificed everything and was lucky enough to have five children. She met a wonderful man who healed her scars but she was still introverted and struggled to interact with other people. This Rachel was a mother and lost herself in the giving process.

Forties Rachel suffered a nervous breakdown and almost lost everything. She’s very good at putting on a face and making people think she is ok. This Rachel falls apart every night and has lost herself completely.

Then there’s the Rachel I am today. She started forming a couple of years ago. She is starting to rediscover herself and finally do things that make her happy. This Rachel is getting more confident and is only not when her own self talk is very loud. She loves camping, exploring new places and hanging out with her car club friends. She was confident enough to take on the role of club secretary.

I’m liking this Rachel. I wonder who I will be in a few more years.

2 thoughts on “Many lives in one

  1. I can really relate to the sense of having lived multiple lives, and going through so many changes. But I love that you’re liking the current Rachel. Great post!

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