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Patience…everything happens for a reason

I’m not necessarily the most patient person. I try hard to wait patiently for things to happen. Don’t get me wrong I can wait patiently in a line but when it comes to dreams and goals I am not very patient.

This week has been a serious challenge. We bought our new dream caravan and we are waiting impatiently to take it out on its maiden voyage. We need to sell the Ute and old van before we can do that. The Ute sold relatively quickly but not for the amount we really wanted.

Today we have a possible sale on the old van. Not celebrating too early though.

This week I saw a list of little snippets of life advice. They really resonated with me. I try hard to live by all of them. Sometimes it’s easy and sometimes it isn’t and that’s ok.

Todays life tip is everything happens for a reason. I always say it. It’s a favourite of mine. Sometimes it’s hard to acknowledge it and wait patiently for that reason.

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