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Weight Loss Update

Weight loss is hard.  Sometimes it’s downright frustrating and soul destroying.  Today is a good day though.  I weighed myself for the first time in a couple of weeks.  Happy to report I have had a loss.  All up since my Extender eat belt prompts change post I have lost 6kgs.  I’m happy with that.  I was hoping it would be faster, but I think I have unrealistic expectations and need to manage those a bit.

This week I was watching some reels on social media and spotted one I really enjoyed.  It was a nutritionist demonstrating easy meal preparation.  I’ve signed up to her page and am working my way through the information.  So far, I like how she talks about making yourself healthy as opposed to focusing on restrictive diets. 

I must admit I haven’t really been counting calories or tracking my food intake over the last few weeks.  I have however reduced my portion sizes.  If I would have normally eaten two of something I have only eaten one.  I also haven’t deprived myself of social events and have employed the same theory there.  I have ordered an entrée size meal or a salad.

Progress is good.  It makes you feel motivated and helps you keep moving towards your goals. I am excited about this but also apprehensive as I know myself extremely well. 

I am also happy to announce I am now 6 weeks and 5 days Diet Coke Free. This is pretty exciting. I’ve also noticed an improvement in my migraines. I’ve not had one since I quite Diet Coke. Even the normal headache has not visited me. This is the most positive thing to happen in a very long time. I have also been negatively impacted by them and it may be one of the reasons I am feeling good in the weight loss journey too. The old Rachel would start on day one restricting her eating and end up with a huge migraine.

So 2023 is starting out on a positive note in The Year Of Rachel – Goal 5 Health Journey! I’ll keep you updated so watch this space!

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