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Anxiety – Returning to the Office

It’s been one of those weeks where life has just got in the way.  Do you ever find yourself one week down the track and unsure how you got there?  Goal Four on The Year of Rachel was to blog more but I have been struggling the last couple of weeks to find my voice. 

I was worried I was becoming a bit of a recluse working fulltime at home so committed to getting back into the office more.  I’ve been in the office four days a week which has been good but also exhausting.  It’s so much easier to potter around the house before logging on than it is to fit in all your exercise, packing lunches and picking something appropriate to wear.  Not to mention all the interaction with work colleagues.  I have almost broken that promise to myself a couple of times but have worked hard on the self-talk. 

While committing to coming into the office more I am also aware that my anxiety levels are higher when I’m here.  I am more of an introvert and enjoy the company of my special people and myself.  I share my office space with a group of women from a different team in the organisation.  My team are dispersed around the state, so I struggle some days to feel a part of the team. 

Office anxiety is a real thing.  For me it’s caused by some bad experiences and the impact they had on my life.  When it gets the best of me, I have headaches, feel depressed and have difficulty concentrating.  Another commitment I have made to myself this year is to work to live not live to work.  Work can become all consuming and I have allowed it to on a few occasions.  This year I am working hard on having work/life balance.

I’ve been doing a bit of reading to help develop some strategies for dealing with my anxiety.  I’ve found some great information and below are some of the key takeaways for me.

Tip 1 – Self-Care.  As I’ve mentioned before I am working on some life changes.  Eating better nutrition, moving more, and getting enough sleep.  It’s been a month since I commenced this routine, and I can really notice it when I deviate. 

Tip 2 – It’s ok to have bad days.  If you suffer from anxiety this is a given.  It’s how you deal with the bad days that is important.  Recognise that you are having a bad day and be kind to yourself.

Tip 3 – Mindfulness Mediation.  I discovered Mindfulness Meditation when I suffered my nervous breakdown 4 years ago.  I have several apps on my phone and if it’s getting a bit too much, I will find a suitable session and step away for that amount of time.  I find it helps ground me and gives me the time to find a way through my own thoughts.

Tip 4 – Talk to a someone.  This can be a professional counsellor/psychologist or a friend whose shoulder provides you with comfort.  Getting your thoughts out sometimes helps you deal with them.

I think they are great tips. Do you have any others that I haven’t listed? Feel free to pop them in the comments box.

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