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In search of a good campsite!

Now that we have upgraded the caravan and the tow vehicle, we are spending a bit of time trying to locate good campsites in our area.  We are planning a two-week adventure in March so are looking for campsites that help us test things in the van and iron out any issues before we head off.  We would love to be going for longer than two weeks, but beggars can’t be choosers!

Last weekend we had planned a caravan park stay so we could test all the items that require power and grey water disposal sites.  Col got caught up at work – AGAIN so we didn’t get to leave until after 6.  We didn’t want to pay site fees to just pull up and go to sleep so have decided we will do the caravan site test in a couple of weeks when we head to Canberra.

We headed of town and found a great spot about 45 minutes away.  There may have been a flood affected dirt road and some tight turns but we pulled up in an awesome spot.  Pipers Lane Reserve is on the list visit again.  There was a fair bit of rubbish left behind by other campers so it must get busy at times.  We had the whole place to ourselves for the evening and into the next morning.  Some boaters turned up, but they just loaded their boats and headed off down the river.

Coco absolutely loved this location.  Because there was no-one around, she was able to be off lead.  She was running and playing the whole time.  We tested our gas stove top.  Lesson learned – don’t cook smokey things in the van.  The smoke alarm went off and we had to remove the battery to stop it.  It was pretty funny!  We also fully tested the awning and the ensuite.  It rained a little overnight and everything held up really well.    The bed is comfy and we had a great time.

So if you ever find yourself looking for an off-grid camping location near Wagga Wagga I would recommend this one.  There is a drop toilet there but if you are fully self-contained you won’t need to use it and still have a great time.

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