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#6 – 50 things for 50 years

Now that we are back from our holiday, I need to share some of the things we are done towards my 50 things for 50 years.

We found ourselves in Bundaberg, Queensland.  Everyone we spoke to recommended we do a tasting experience at the Bundaberg Rum Distillery.  The distillery isn’t dog friendly, and we wanted to find experiences Coco could also attend. We are not big drinkers but in the interest of doing a tasting experience in Bundaberg we found a lovely cider house and tropical wine bar that was dog friendly.  Coco even found herself behind the bar at one point.  We had a fantastic time here.

If you are ever in Bundaberg, we recommend you check out the Ohana Cider House & Tropical Winery.

We ordered a $20 tasting paddle to share and boy were we surprised.  We accompanied it with a cheese platter.  Zoe was amazing.  Our tasting paddle came with a bucket of water for Coco and lots of tips and hints for their drinks.  Our paddle had six different drinks to try.  We settled on the apple cider, alcoholic lemonade, alcoholic ginger beer, Pineapple Moscato, Mango Moscato and the Coffee Liquor.  Our host recommended we leave the liquor until last so as not to overpower the other drinks.

Col is an alcoholic ginger beer fan.  If we hear of a new one, he must try it.  He enjoyed the Ohana Alcoholic beer so much we ended up purchasing some to take with us.  We quite enjoyed all the drinks on the paddle.  I don’t mind a nice Moscato and the pineapple one was delicious.  There wasn’t one of the drinks we didn’t like.  We did take their advice and left the coffee liquor until last.  Excellent tip.  It was most probably the nicest coffee liquor we have tasted.  We ended up buying a bottle of that too!!  So nice you can drink it straight or as Col has discovered since it goes down nicely in a glass of milk.

Interesting fact – Ohana is the Hawaiian word for ‘friends and family’.  You can really feel that.  We we treated like friends!  Do yourself a favour and check it out!

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