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#7 – 50 things for 50 years

A boat…the ocean…swimming…iconic location.

I’ve always wanted to take a boat out and dive into the ocean. We seized the opportunity in Noosa, Queensland to make this dream come true. We had spent the night before at the 24 hour VET as Coco had developed a severe inner ear infection that required surgery to clean it out. Our challenge was to find something she could do that was calm and involved no swimming. A tricky feat as she LOVES WATER.

We did some research and O Boat Hire in Noosa. They were fantastic and helped us select a boat that Coc would be comfortable in. We ended up with a Cuddy Cab and headed out to cruise the Noosa River in search of the perfect swimming location. The Cuddy Cab had a canopy and comfortable seating. Most importantly the boats are dog friends so Coco made herself comfortable on the rear seat.

The Noosa River in stunning. The water is clear, blue, and beautiful. The boat we hired allowed us to float around the river system and get up close with some of the most beautiful homes and their expensive boats. The weather was delightful. The sun was shining but it wasn’t too hot. Perfect for floating on the boat and then going for a quick dip.

After cruising the canals we pointed the boat towards the sandbar near the Noose River Mouth. We could see a few boats pulling up there and decided it was a great location for me to get out and have a quick swim. The water was just perfect. So warm and clear. I had forgotten my swimmers but decided on a dip fully clothed. Col stayed with the boat and I got out in waist high water.

We had an absolutely perfect time here. Bucket list items checked off for sure. It was impossible to keep Coco in the boat so I managed to carry her off the boat. No mean feat as she is heavy! She went for a walk in the shallow water with me and on the sandbar. We finished the day off with Fish and Chips from the Red Emporer. Absolutely delicious.

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