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#8 – 50 things for 50 years

Face a lifelong fear!

While we were on our dream holiday, we caught up with our son Joe and his partner Ellie. They moved to Brisbane in 2022 and we were really looking forward to seeing them. We asked them to show us some of their favourite places that they had discovered since moving.

I love certain things about the ocean. We used to spend lots of time there with my Nanna before she passed. We used to bodysurf in the shallows, fish and collect shells on her favourite beaches. I have never felt confident to venture too far from the shore. I am an excellent swimmer but there is something about losing control that really scares me.

One of our stops was the Spit Beach. Joe and Ellie love swimming here and it’s dog friendly so Coco was able to get her feet wet. She was still on the no swimming order from the vet so wasn’t allowed a full swim.

The water was divine. We were floating and chatting. Ellie issued me a challenge. To float with her out to one of the yachts that was anchored about 50 metres off shore. Between the beach shore and the yacht – open water!!

This year is about trying new things and also trying to do thing that are not necessarily in my comfort zone. Challenge accepted.

We made it about half way and my mind started getting very loud. I think I may have watched too many Jaws movies in my life! Suddenly I was petrified so we floated back into the shore.

It took a while but I decided to give it another go. All these other people were floating around unaffected so I faced my fears and we made it to the boat (well a little bit short because it was moving around a lot and we didn’t want to end up under it).

My reward – an ice-cream delivered to us in the water by a boat!

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