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Migraines – excruciating and life-denying!

I’ve been really struggling since I returned to work three weeks ago. Every workday I seem to end the day with a headache or migraine. Most days start off well but by mid afternoon I am starting to experience symptoms. Tightness in the neck, running eyes and pain. I’ll push through until the end of the day, cook dinner, and then spend the evening in and out of consciousness on the lounge while Col watches TV. It’s soul destroying.

Before I went on holidays, I had the migraines under control. I’m struggling to find the triggers with each day seeming to be a different reason. A doctor once asked me what I thought my triggers were. She wasn’t appreciative of my answer but it’s true. My biggest trigger seems to be being alive.

I’ve been a migraine sufferer my entire life. It’s one of the most debilitating things but also something that non sufferers do not acknowledge. It’s just a headache most of them say. It’s so much more than a headache.

My earliest memory of a migraine was when I was about 6. I recall laying on the tiled floor in our house and only moving when I needed to be sick. From that point on I have suffered them on a regular basis. Sometimes I manage to make a couple of months without one but generally I have a couple a month. I guess you could say I’ve become used to them. I manage to work through when others just wouldn’t be able to. They are affecting my relationships with friends and family.

I’ve been doing some research this morning and stumbled across The Migraine and Headache Program by Christian Goodman. Have you heard of this program or know anyone who has tried it? I’m looking for some feedback to see if it’s worth purchasing. Pop a comment below if you have some advice.

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