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#9 – 50 things for 50 years

Bucket list item- Byron Bay

A visit to Byron Bay is on my Aussie bucket list. Byron is a coastal town in far-north NSW. Byron is home to Australia’s most easterly point where the iconic Cape Byron lighthouse is located. People visit Byron for its spectacular beaches, shopping and dining experiences. Some people go in the hope of spotting Chris Hemsworth – to marvel fans Thor.

Byron Bay is very dog friendly. We headed there for breakfast and a walk on the beach.

The traffic into this little town was intense. We almost gave up a couple of times, but I had my heart set on breakfast at a cafe on the beach.

We found the Tree House which is situated opposite Belongil Beach. There were palm trees every and an eclectic decor. We managed to find an awesome spot where Coco was also comfortable.

The Homemade Paleo Granola Bowl made with vegan coconut yoghurt, seasonal fruits and berry compote was divine. I think it’s one of my favourite meals of all time. It’s something I would love to replicate but just know I can’t! The coffee was also spot on. Col had the B&E. This was an organic bun with free range eggs, bacon, aioli, and tomato sauce. Also very yummy.

Next stop – Belongil Beach. We didn’t stay long here. All the dogs were off-leash, and we weren’t quite ready to let Coco off the leash. She had a run in the surf, but the other dogs were let run free and were not called back by their owners when causing trouble so we moved on quickly.

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