50 things for 50 years · Travel

#15 – 50 things for 50 years

Blast from the past in Gulgong!

There’s this little town just outside Mudgee called Gulgong. Gulgong is the childhood home of bush poet Henry Lawson and has been beautifully preserved. The landscape of this town has remained largely unchanged since the 1800s.

Walking down one of the streets we came across Old Wares & Collectables. At first, we were just going to walk past until I spotted something in the window. When I was growing up, we had a Globe of the World Lamp. All the mountain ranges were raised on the lamp and when turned on it glowed. What do you think was in the window of that little antique store. The exact same Globe of the World Lamp. So I bought it!!!

Every time I look at it I’m a young girl again. Ahhhh happy memories.

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