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Burnout, Fatigue and Self Care

I’ve just attended a session hosted by my wok place on Burnout, Fatigue and Self Care. This time of year is definitely one of the most stressful. Normally I would be stressing about whether or not a family member would ruin everything. I have decided this year not stress about that. If they turn up… Continue reading Burnout, Fatigue and Self Care

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Today’s Reset Topic – Healthy Eating

I am definitely not an expert in this field but am working hard to clean up my eating habits. I've employed the help of meal plan specialists and have been having food for my breakfast, lunch and snacks delivered. I am hoping that by following this plan I can motivate myself to eventually purchase these… Continue reading Today’s Reset Topic – Healthy Eating

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Dance like no one is watching!

Last night we went to watch Guy Sebastian in concert. It was definitely one of the best concerts I’ve been too. He’s a fantastic performer, stunning voice and all around nice guy. Now if you ask Col he doesn’t dance. But guess what …. Col got up and danced!! We had a chat before the… Continue reading Dance like no one is watching!

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New challenge – give up Diet Coke

I’ve had a couple of down days. Weight loss has stalled and everyone I know is getting thinner while I seem to be picking up their lost weight. I was reading about the effects of diet sofa and how they can also cause weight gain. So here we are. Day 2 of my quest to… Continue reading New challenge – give up Diet Coke