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New challenge – give up Diet Coke

I’ve had a couple of down days. Weight loss has stalled and everyone I know is getting thinner while I seem to be picking up their lost weight. I was reading about the effects of diet sofa and how they can also cause weight gain. So here we are. Day 2 of my quest to… Continue reading New challenge – give up Diet Coke

Mental Health · Midlife Reset · Ramblings · Uncategorized · Weight Loss Journey

Weight loss surgery -Yes/No/Maybe

As a 16 year old aspiring dancer on a Scholarship to a prestigious Performing Arts School my dreams of being a dancer were well in their way. Then puberty hit and my body changed. It seems I wasn’t destined to be a professional dancer. My body was to be too big for that industry. So… Continue reading Weight loss surgery -Yes/No/Maybe

Mental Health · Ramblings · Weight Loss Journey

Week One Success Becomes Week Two Anxiety

Do you experience weight loss anxiety?  I try hard to accept my body for what it is but sometimes that is just virtually impossible and that little person on my shoulder takes over.  I’ve been challenged by weight my entire adult life.  I’ve beaten the beast a couple of times but it’s like my body… Continue reading Week One Success Becomes Week Two Anxiety