Trying New flavours

I’ve never been the adventurous type when it comes to food. I grew up in Alice Springs in the 70’s. Nothing was fresh. Everything was trucked in and I was used to week old bread and frozen meats. I’ve carried this into my adult life and just tend to stick with the things I know I like. Fast forward and don’t forget we are in a midlife reset so in the interest of trying new things we challenged our son to show us all the special things they had discovered in the six month since they moved to Brisbane, including food!

When the empty nest hit and we realised we needed to invest some time in ourselves and one of the goals we set was to try new things. So a trip to Brisbane was the perfect opportunity. We have focused all our time and money on raising the children and neglected our own needs so it’s nice to try and figure out what they are. Enter trip to Brisbane.

Straight off the plane and our boy took us to the Farmers Markets at the Powerhouse. I don’t think I have ever seen that many dogs on leads or tanned ladies in active wear. The stalls were awesome but we weren’t able to purchase anything for taking home. Col got a freshly squeezed pineapple and mango juice. Can’t really get those where we live.

It seems like we spent most of our time seeking out delicious food. After some time checking out their house and work locations we found ourselves at the Jindalee Home for lunch. Scanning the menu I found some soft tacos that I wouldn’t normally order. They were so yummy! I will add them to my try again list.

The jewel in the crown of food was a visit to Eat Street for dinner. Described as “disused historic wharf over the Brisbane River – covering several hectares of land and built from 180 repurposed recycle shipping containers – fun filled adventure that will satisfy your taste buds matched with some of the best local life entertainment.” It did not disappoint!!

After the last two years of COVID it was a little confronting being surrounded by so many people but on the flip side it was so good seeing people back out there and enjoying life. There were so many options that it took a little while to select what we were going to eat. Col went straight for the Honey Chicken but I reminded him we were there to try something new. We settled on a Chicken Bao Bun, Pesto Pasta, Chicken Cheese and Spinach Gozleme and dessert from Chocolate Komberry. I heard several “mmm this is good” and a couple “ahhh’s”.

The Gozleme was the most surprising. It didn’t really look like much but it was packed with flavour and so yummy.

The Pesto Pasta was cooked in an open area while you watched. I guess this is what Italian Pesto tasks like. It sure packed a punch and we would definitely recommend it.

I’ve had Bao buns before but this was one super special. It was bigger than I expected and so tasty. I only had a couple of bites of the Chocolate Komberry. It was windy and I got more hair in my mouth than dessert so gave up.

In each area there as live music. My son’s partner and I were lucky enough to be waiting for our Spinach Gozleme while the DJ was playing and there were fire works as well. Overall it was an awesome experience.

If you’re in Brisbane and looking for a food experience I would definitely recommend this one!!

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