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I shouldn’t have eaten that!

Yesterday I felt blah – I posted about beating that feeling

I dragged myself out of that funk and got on with it.  Made it through the workday and then the evening hit.  While at the chemist for supplies I picked up a box of licorice.  I really bought it to as a gift to try and make Col feel a bit better.  He’s struggling with the recovery and just needed a pick me up.  I enjoyed a few pieces of licorice – well may about a handful. 

I was doing ok until I sat down last night.  I swear I could feel the licorice attach itself to my body.  Then the feelings of guilt and shame started to creep in. 

“I’ve had broken my current healthy eating plan.”

“I’m going to negatively impact my weight loss next week.”

“You know these types of foods make you put on weight instantly.”

“I think my pants are tighter already.”

This is such negative self-talk.  I am not very good at silencing this person yet, but I am working on it. You would think that a person who had been around for just shy of 50 years would be able to not guilt shame themselves about a couple of treats.  It’s not just about the food though.  It’s about the Extender Seatbelt and the contact lifelong battle with my body to be a size I am happy with. 

I have spent a lot of today having conversations with myself about why I feel so guilty allowing myself a treat and how do I stop these feelings.  I’ve tried to change my thought process from treats are unhealthy to something more positive like one small treat won’t ruin my health goals.  If I say it enough, I may just believe it!

I have also tried a new approach today.  So yesterday I ate a handful of licorice that wasn’t in my plan for that day.  This morning I got up and did my 30-minute dance class and decided to add on another 5-minute session to cover the licorice.  If I want the extra little treats I need to move more!!

I am also working on my self-talk.  Midlife Health Reset is under way!

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