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#3 – 50 things for 50 years

It’s taken a little bit of planning and has been delayed a couple of times but #3 is finally complete.

The third item on my 50 things for 50 years is our forever caravan and the vehicle to tow it. We will need it to tick off a few more items on my list that require some travel.

We loved our old van. She gave us lots of fantastic memories but we want to travel greater distances and see more of Australia when we start to slow down so took the big leap now while we can afford it. The old van has gone to a couple just starting out on their caravan journey. Hopefully we might see them from time to time on our travels.

So the new palace on wheels had to have several things to be eligible. Col wanted a full van. No pop up allowed. He also wanted air conditioning. My main requests were for a queen bed and an ensuite. Ticked all the boxes. We took her out for her first overnight trip on the weekend just gone. She was everything we hoped for.

Stay tuned for more adventures!!

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