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Juicy Orange Anyone?

Yesterday was a complete loss.  Migraine day generally equals a nothing day.  Today is so much better.  Kicked the migraine to the curb and working on creating a great day. I have work but I’ve got the radio on and the music pumping.

It’s amazing how your health can affect your mood and your mood can affect your life! “Take a hammer and beat it on the side of your head nonstop. If you’re trying to relax, if someone’s trying to talk to you, that hammer is still going off. Percy Harvin, Former NFL Player”

Today is the first day of December – my birthday month!  The sun is out, and the weather is divine.  Even though I am stuck at my desk for most of the day I like that daylight savings allows me a few hours of beautiful weather after work.

Queue morning tea break – coffee and a nice juicy orange!  Sometimes it’s the little things in life that are worth the most.  Yesterday the orange would have triggered a further decline in the migraine situation.  Today it makes me feel fantastic. 

What’s your favourite summer fruit?  Don’t be shy.  Let me know in the comments.  I am not normally a fan of oranges but this one was delicious.  I would normally reach for strawberries or an apple.

Frank Sinatra once said “Orange is the happiest colour”

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