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New challenge – give up Diet Coke

I’ve had a couple of down days. Weight loss has stalled and everyone I know is getting thinner while I seem to be picking up their lost weight.

I was reading about the effects of diet sofa and how they can also cause weight gain. So here we are. Day 2 of my quest to ditch not only diet sofa but all soft drinks.

I’m surprised at how well it’s going to date. I can’t say I haven’t wanted a Diet Coke but I’ve remained strong and am pretty proud of myself.

My only problem so far has been figuring out what to drink in social situations. I like water but sometimes you just need something a little extra when you are out at dinner.

I’ve also heard research suggests that artificial sweeteners like aspartame commonly found in Diet Coke and other calorie-free drinks may increase the risk of migraine headaches. A reduction in migraines would also be a bonus so fingers crossed!

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